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HI-TEC Ambassadors

For having worn Hi-Tec shoes all along Africa Trek we’ve been appointed Global Ambassadors of the brand. Our 5 pairs of Yosemite and Longitude proved the best : light, simple and comfortable, so it’s no wonder why we are preaching for their quality with pride. They made us walk the entire length of the continent without a blister.

These pairs were advised to us by South African farmers reccurently and given to us by Naeem Omar, a fabric wholesaler from Nelspruit in South Africa that hosted us for a couple of days at a stage we needed to change our shoes. He sponteanously became our first and unique sponsor by saying : “each time you’ll need a new pair, send me an email from wherever in Africa, and I’ll send you one pair by DHL. You’re walking to Jerusalem, you’ll bring my name there ! So it’s my duty ! " He did it four times !

Since our return Hi-Tec as helped us along with Sanofi Aventis and Swatch to have our series shown on PBS and has also helped us to have our long feature movie translated in english.

We became friends with the CEO Frank Van Wezel, who recognized in our endeavour most of the values he wants to be embodied in his products. We are definitely walking in the same direction when one of Hi-Tec’s prominent motto says : " Do more with less !”

I’m posting some messages on their website so please go and surf, you’ll certainly find the vehicule of your walking dreams !

hi-tec website

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