A terrible tragedy has hit our dear south african friends Nick and Jean More, hosts of Africa Trek (chapter 11) in Lion sands game reserve and who have become year after year among our fondest friends over numerous visits in France and South Africa. Nick lost his life in his helicopter last tuesday on the escarpement on his way to Johannesburg, along side three other people, leaving 10 orphans behind and a shocked community. Please pray for their soul to rest in peace and for their surviving beloved ones to get the strength to overcome this ordeal. Nick was the most devoted father, husband and friend, calm, reasonable, and advisable in all ways. We are also orphaned of an important beacon in our lives. It'll shine furthermore in our future. With jeani, Jonathan, Matthew, Anthony and Jack Alexandre, we share a sorrow we'll have to deal with over the years to come. Take care all of you, life is precious, fragile, unexpectable and short : that's why it's beautiful !



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