bisou.jpg We just lost our dear hostess from Addis Abeba, Amaretch Guilbert who fought bravely against cancer these last seven years. She was the dearest creature, the "crown jewel" of her family as one of her brothers put it, and had welcomed us in Addis to heal our wounds and write the seconf half of the first leg of Africa Trek. She had walked us out of Addis until Debre Libanos for a couple of days and we wished we could have walk with her till the end of times. Her path on earth just stopped but will carry on eternally in our lives, before, we hope, to be reunited with her, if we make it to the higher place she must have been granted with. We've been blessed to share her last four months as she stayed with us. Her presence was a balm. Pray for her relatives, Jean-Claude, her husband, Abel and Matthias her sons and Loulith, her daughter of whom Sonia is the godmother. If you want to remind yourself how they entered our lives, open Africa Trek p. 305. Amaretch is also the beautiful person who is laughing under the acute pain of a huge blister Sonia is treating, in the Ethiopian episode of our TV series. She was a Lighthouse in our lives and will remain a beacon.